$495.00 every Month

If you want the security of knowing the backend of your site will remain compatible, and would also like to keep your content current, fluid and attractive to search engines, this package is for you.

Our Premium package includes installing and maintaining a backup system and security system on one of your Websites. It also includes the following updating services:
• Installing newly released security updates of WordPress
• Installing the latest release of the WordPress CMS (e.g. version 4.4 to 4.5)
• Installing the latest release of the theme we used to build the site (e.g. the 7)
• Installing updated plugins when necessary to remain compatible with the new version and/or theme
• Full backup of new installation

If the plugins need to be updated, we will also provide that service. However, the cost to purchase any premium plugin updates is not included and would be billed separately. We will notify you of these costs before performing the work and bill in advance for the updated plugin.

This package also includes up to three hours of web content updates per month, which covers things like uploading a PDF, changing contact information, replacing images on the home page slider, adding an image to a page, or embedding a map. With the Premium package you may regularly request services such as building new pages, adding photo galleries and revising navigation. If requested content update services exceed the 3-hour maximum, the you will be notified and billed $140/hr in 15-minute increments for the additional web content update requests.

Once you complete your purchase, you will be provided a link to our Credentials Form through the confirmation email. Please use this form to provide us with the necessary login information for your website. We will store it securely in our encrypted password vault.