Advertising has changed dramatically,

Tried and true decades-old outbound techniques with big budgets that bought expensive ads on prime time TV, drive time radio and widely read newspapers and magazines have taken a backseat to inbound marketing strategies.

This new generation of marketing does not require big budgets.

It requires creativity and personality.

Savvy marketers can reach the world or a targeted corner of it by interacting with consumers on social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

By their nature, fluid forms of communicating change constantly.
Bryant Digital Media stays tuned in to the latest trends to help you attract and engage your targeted audience.

The experts at Bryant Digital Media will set up your business account on one or more of the social media platforms mentioned above and consult with you on the best way to increase your tribe of followers. We can also help you schedule timely messages to keep your business relevant to the online community.

Facebook Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing is innovative in and of itself, but our five-phase process is unlike anything other businesses are doing to market online. Our strategically designed process can be highly effective! 

Phase One – Research Product/Service Line

Bryant Digital Media will compile information about your business and your competition to identify what sets you apart and what messages to communicate.

Services include:

  • Research
  • Differentiation
  • Consultation
Phase Two – Establish Brand

Bryant Digital Media will design and launch a customized Facebook page with a branded look to fit your business and your target audience.

Services include:

  • Branding
  • Account Set Up
  • Graphic Design
  • Page Layout
  • Copywriting
Phase Three – Invite Friends 

You will build a foundation by reaching out to your current list of contacts.

Word of mouth has always been accepted as one of the most powerful forms of marketing. Today, with the world of social media at your fingertips, that power increases tremendously. Social media enables people to give their endorsements with the simple click of a “Like” button.

Bryant Digital Media will show you how to encourage your employees and circle of friends to get the word out about your organization’s new Facebook page. The process involves encouraging them to use their personal Facebook pages to “Invite” new “Fans” from their “Friends” lists to “Like” your business page. The fast and easy process of building a foundation of “Fans” will not burden your employees and friends at all. They will be happy to help your company succeed.

We recommend that you, your employees and friends “Invite” at least 10 personal friends to “Like” your new page in order to establish a base of “Fans,” which will aid in giving your business credibility. This phase will be as successful as you make it.

Services include:

  • Training
  • Consultation
Phase Four – Extend Reach

Bryant Digital Media will help you increase the volume of followers and traffic to your Facebook page.

In Phase Four we get to have some fun as we reel in as many potential consumers/clients as we can by using creative strategies such as prize giveaways. Facebook Sweepstakes offers a great way to bring new people to your page. When new Fans “Like” your page or existing Fans “Share” your page, they are entered to win a prize. Now, depending on what type of products or services you offer, you will want to choose your sweepstakes prizes accordingly. You don’t want to offer a prize that will attract a large number of Fans who never need what you have to offer.

For example: Victoria’s Secret wouldn’t give away a set of golf clubs. Sure, there are ladies out there who love to golf, but the majority of responses to this sweepstakes will come from men; men who ultimately will have little need for lingerie.

Now, don’t get me wrong. To some extent each “Like” you receive is helpful and gives your company credibility (as mentioned in Phase Three). However, we encourage you to use your resources wisely so you enjoy the most effective and powerful outcome from your Internet marketing strategies. Victoria’s Secret would benefit more from offering a spa day or free bikini wax instead of a gift card for a set of clubs.

Bryant Digital Media will use proven software to manage sweepstakes for you that will reach your target audience and bring your page more traffic.

Services include:

  • Consultation
  • Designing/Implementing Sweepstakes
Phase Five – Stay Consistent

Bryant Digital Media will help you maintain traffic flow to your Facebook business page by posting new content on a regular basis. Communication is key!

Phase Five – like Phase Three – is a team effort. As your Social Media Manager, I will publish a steady flow of new content to your business page to give Fans an opportunity to interact and respond. The more your Fans “Like” and comment on your posts, the more traffic your page will attract.

So, here’s where you can help this process. Remind your employees to visit the business page when they get on Facebook. Encourage them to interact with new posts. It takes 30 seconds to visit a page and “like” the latest post. These brief interactions – if invested by each of your employees while online – would skyrocket your social media campaign’s level of effectiveness.

Encourage your employees to comment on posts, or even post something of their own. This keeps your page at the top of your Fans’ newsfeeds.

The ultimate goal with Social Media Marketing is to sell a personality, not a product. Phase Five is the never-ending phase where we maintain a “Likeable” personality for your business.

Services include:

  • Social Media Management
  • Tracking
  • Updating Strategies
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